Our Favorite Links

Nice article on usage of Vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid powder) at Health and Experiences blog

HealthFreedomUSA.org is a good source of information about how we are about to lose our rights to buy and take supplements. I strongly urge you to get involved in this very important fight.

Natural Health Products, the makers of DMSO.BZ. This site has information about DMSO and will allow you to order the DMSO.BZ product. Although we used to sell DMSO.BZ, we are no longer allowed to carry it.

Karma Go, a portable WiFi hotspot that can provide you and those around you with FREE WiFi!

Colloidal Silver and machines to make your own.

Website that promises a Chronic Sinusitis Cure.

An extremely informative Health Newsletter by Dr. Mercola.

A good low-cost Website Host. This is where our website has been hosted since 1999.

Great prices on older and closeout stock are available at www.discount-vitamins-herbs.net.