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Posted by pam on November 11, 2005 at 20:51:09:

In Reply to: fibromyalgia\msm posted by Kerry Gibbons on November 02, 2005 at 09:19:40:

KERRY!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN TAKING MSM NOW FOR ABOUT ONLY 5 OR 6 DAYS AND I CAN'T BELIEVE RESULTS I AM EXPERIENCING ALREADY!!((sorry...but a little excited!)) I'm only doing a half a teasp. twice a day and can't believe my pain is at an all time low of about a 3!! (on a 10 scale) I'm wondering, do I still have to up my doses?? And, how long do I stay at a particular dose?? Like do I change doses every week or 2 weeks? I really am amazed by this. The only problem I have is that I have been waking with a headache...but thats about it so far. Is this normal to work at such a low dose? One more thing, I still am on sleepmeds, hair too has been falling out for sometime. Probably because of sleepmeds!! Will MSM help correct that do you think?
I can't begin to thank you for this website and for all the people for informing me of sooo much. I'm CONSTANTLY researching for any relief and finally have found it. THANK YOU ALL SOOO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP AND INPUT!!

: I don't know that it really matters which brand, but if you decide on the lesser expensive of the two, I would recommend getting the granular instead of the powder. The granular is easier to work with and at least one of our customers says that it's more effective because it's processed less. It may take a little longer to dissolve, but all MSM dissolves almost instantly if you use just a little hot water first and then add whatever juice or additional water you want.

: There are instructions on the packages. Just start out with a small amount and then slowly work your way up.

: : Thank you Kerry for all your help!! I WILL definately try your brand of MSM..........which one would you advise taking for Fibromyalgia? there instructions inside package? Thank you once again. In reading this board, I'm hopeful I have FINALLY found my answer!! : )

: : : How do you know if MSM is pure? Unfortunately, it's fairly hard to find. Usually only the smaller vendors like us offer it. Almost all stores have adulterated MSM because they want to handle product that "flows" better, not what's better for you. Be sure to look at the lable--if it mentions inert ingredients like silicon dioxide (sand) or magnesium stearate, then it has fillers and flow agents which reduce the effectivity.

: : : Check our FAQ page for many of your other questions.

: : : Bextra was a drug that was removed from the US market in April 2005.

: : : : Hello board....First time EVER at this site in quest for pain relief!! How
: : : : do we know when or if it's pure MSM? How long before you notice any relief? How much to take? What about mixing with other meds? Ex:
: : : : I was put on antidepressants for "pain relief"...sleep meds for sleep etc.
: : : : So sorry this is soooo long and has a lot of questions but...I seriously need help!! What is bextra that Tom had mentioned?? Thank you all so
: : : : very, very much for any input!!! pam

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