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Posted by Grant on November 02, 2005 at 09:07:43:

Hi Kerry,

Ive been frequenting your boards for quite some time now and love the msm product. I just wanted to make a suggestion to help improve your site, and one thing I noticed was that a better message board software would help grow a base of tighter knit members - this would also help encourage people to come back instead of posting just 1 question, only to be never heard from again.

I guess its the fact that people can keep their usernames, and that they have their own individual identities on their boards.

Some great forum software could be found at: (an example of this would be:



Im not affiliated with these forum software companies in anyway, I just thought I would give an honest suggestion to help this site grow bigger - and have comraderie betweeen msm users grow.

Right now, using the search function on your site, is very tough - as in, the search function duplicates, or triplicates things. The posting options and chance for discussion is limited at best. Its even possible for anyone to impersonate you by just typing "Kerry Gibbons" in the username. Obviously, since you moderate the posts right now, you wouldnt have this problem, but I think you understand what Im trying to get at.

I know that you recently had problems with people posting advertisements ( I come to your boards 3 - 4 x a day), and I really think this would be a solution to you having to moderate every post.

I dont really mind if you dont approve this post to go on the general msm-msm board, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention and maybe hopefully will consider a new message baord software.

thanks for your time!


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