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Posted by Live Blood Study on September 27, 2005 at 09:24:59:

In Reply to: elderly taking msm posted by elaina on July 16, 2005 at 20:05:16:

Should the elderly take organic sulfur? Yes everyone needs 4% sulfur every 12 hours to
maintain healthy cellular metabolism. Live Blood Study, 25 Sept 2005

The observations of the elderly make the claims they themselves make less incredulous, the over 68 year old members of the Live Blood Study often
refer to Organic Sulfur as the crystal fountain of youth. The Study frowns on such wild claims but has no control over what these senior citizens tell their also well experienced friends that sulfur is better than sliced bread.
Dr Hugh Wayman, 85 going on 25 is alive and after life, with a gusto that make this researcher giddy with the understanding that we can live healthy lives past corporate retirement and the whims of the actuaries.
Just wait till the Boomers learn about sulfur the bean counters will have fits trying to figure out how to pay for a citizenry that can live to the 125 years we were promised in the Bible.

Hugh Wayman is a doctor of chiropractic medicine who was dead while alive and now can see and knows he is what he eats which most definitely includes Organic Sulfur twice daily and stated so in a letter to be read in Telluride at the other Telluride Health through Tech Stuff Festival and Cha Cha competition of 2005.

Hugh is the recipient of the handsomest 85 year old member of the Live Blood Study in 2005, but he needs a hair cut and beard trim for the Oscars.

But for the circulation problem described please understand that the Live Blood Study is 35 years of observation of the cardiovascular system as can be seen in the retina, the vessels of the conjunctiva ( the whites of our eyes ) and those vessels which are so obvious being engorged.
If you consider a flood plain from the air the river is not unlike a vessel engorged with blood because the blood is backed up like the LA freeway during the O. J. Simpson "chase."
Venous stasis, or blood standing still looses its oxygen which causes edema in the cells of the veins and like the waters of a river the banks are distended, the analogy "holds water" if fluid dynamics are considered.
So give anyone with vascular distention organic sulfur and get them in motion whether on a treadmill or a rocking chair, our internal sea is dependent upon the tidal action of universe but when we get older moving is less inviting or sometimes hazardous. In 1860 Edward Thonet received a First Prize at the World Fair for his Bentwood Rocking Chair as a geriatric exercise "machine."
Any rocker that truly rocks can do the same and vibrating chairs have some value. Create a small storm in your lymphatic system it does wonders for cleaning out toxins.

Inactivity is a slow and painful way to die.

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