High Blood Pressure and MSM

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Posted by Live Blood Study on September 22, 2005 at 00:09:46:

In Reply to: High Blood Pressure and MSM posted by Kerry Gibbons on September 14, 2005 at 18:41:46:

The Live Blood Study has no members who are still taking any high blood pressure medications nor are they hypertensive. No members of the 1088 study members as of 3 March 2005 are taking any advertised meds, otc or prescription, period; except for birth control pills, especially for high blood pressure. 14 open heart procedures have been cancelled when the study members EKG returned to normal, one cardiovascular surgeon call the Study and complained that the cancelled surgery was new his Mercedes payment, he is was not a happy Benz purchaser but his patient is more than pleased that his follow up stress test confirmed that the coronary arteries were patent and allowing blood into cells of the heart muscles.

49 members of the Study have repeated stress test with improved if not “now” normal
EKGs and many of them only took their sulfur once a day. But the observation which is
more important for the study is how these people now look, their gray cast is gone from their skin and they display a vitality and zest for life which was the main reason they
were approached by the Study, the Study searches out the walking dead or those who
walk like they were about dead. Limping is more mental than we of the Study has
assumed when the Dog Study was first initiated back in 2002. Dogs that take sulfur
daily do not limp because of their hips.

Our health is our responsibility the "good" doctor's Benz payment will have to be earned from someone not taking Organic Sulfur.

It may be helpful to describe what is seen in the vessels of the conjunctiva ( the white of the eye ) after as little as six weeks of twice daily organic sulfur, attenuated and narrowed arterioles and venuoles are regenerated and become patent decreasing the resistance to the blood flow which causes blood pressure to rise.
The Study has observed venous stasis, or slowing of the flow of the blood back to the heart as more important a consideration than arteriole restriction as the earliest signs of "heart disease."

With over 350 of the study members who were taking something for hypertension who are now not any meds may be fair to state: Organic Sulfur is more effective than any prescription drug for hypertension because the sulfur addresses the physics of the problem, the fluid dynamics of the cardiovascular system especially of our blood plumbing.

The Study results were recorded by people who took as little at 4 grams a day some only once a day ( and some of the Study members got the same results while taking "store bought" contaminated varieties of msm ) for as little as 6 weeks. The article by David Gregg "DMSO and MSM the Oxygen Transport Pair explains how oxygen is enabled by the action of sulfur upon the cell membrane of the individual cells in this case those of the endothelium of the cells of our arteries and veins, they take their oxygen directly from the blood stream in a strange reverse osmosis we can observe directly with the Live Blood Study Photomicroscope which can be purchased from the Study for as little as $500 with a 200x lens or as much as $5000 with a series of lenses including a 50 to 200x zoom lens made of ground glass not plastic as used by the Study since 2003.

The largest organ of the body human is our skin, the next largest organ is the vessels cardiovascular system, the one blood vessel that starts at the aorta and ends where the vena cava allows the now carbon dioxide laden hemoglobin to re-enter the heart and exchange the carbon dioxide for fresh oxygen delivered to the hemoglobin via the aerioli of the lungs, gas transfer or transport directly to the cell membrane of the hemoglobin,
Carbon dioxide off Oxygen on and visa versa as these red blood cells and their hemoglobin carry and transport oxygen to our cells of our organs, while our cells of our
flesh is provided by our lymphatic system.

But for those who understand the oxygen transfer system of the body human not all of our cells have direct contact with the capillary network and depend on the oxygen we "drink" as water, H2O, and that is delivered to our cells through the lymphatic system, that is the oxygen that David Gregg describes without realizing how it is obtained.

No virus can replicate in the presence of oxygen: that is a law of cellular biology.
And no cell can replicate in a healthy manner without oxygen being utilized in the mitosis and miosis of our individual cells. And it is here that we see the major mechanism for disease among our more sedentary subjects, they don't have an active lymphatic wave motion in their lymphatic system, does couch potato ring a bell?

Sulfur is the element directly below oxygen on the periodic table of elements, the designers of the Table" tell us that any elements of the table are enabled or blocked by the elements directly adjacent to it.. To the right of Sulfur is chlorine, which blocks the uptake of sulfur. To the right of oxygen is flourine which blocks the uptake of oxygen while it may prevent some dental carries in children is making all of us who drink flouridated water dead before our time. Not only dead but preserved especially our skin so that morticians only need one tenth the embalming fluids to prepare us for the grave.

This entire universe that God spoke into existence in the beginning is a symphony of cellular biology but unfortunately man and his science has failed as an arranger so that the cellular biologic symphony may be our death knoll.

You are what you eat! Where do you get your sulfur?

Patrick O’Toole McGean
Director Live Blood Study of
The Body Human Project

: Most people with higher blood pressure see their pressure go down after being on MSM a while. Some people do see it go up when initially starting on MSM due to the detox and release of stored up stimulants from your body tissues. But then after the detox stage, the blood pressure returns to normal with several people reporting that they no longer needed to take medication for their blood pressure.

: You may want to reduce the amount of MSM somewhat--if you were just starting, 5 grams is too much to take initially. We prefer people to start at 1 gram a day or less and gradually work up to the higher amounts.

: : Is there a connection between MSM & high blood pressure? My wife have been taking MSM for over a month now and it seems that our blood pressure is getting higher. Does MSM cause high blood pressure? Should we stop or should we reduce dosage? I've been taking approximately 5 grams. Thanks
: : Victor

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