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Posted by Kerry Gibbons on September 18, 2005 at 00:19:27:

In Reply to: muscular detox posted by Karen on September 16, 2005 at 19:04:45:

This concerns me somewhat because this seems to be ongoing for your husband when detox usually only lasts two to three days at the same amount of MSM. Detox symptoms can show up again each time the amount of MSM is increased, but again, it should last only a couple of days. If he is only seeing these problems when he increases the amount of MSM, I would stay at the 5 grams a day for a while.

If he is seeing these as ongoing problems, I would look at other possible causes, like is it pure MSM, or is he taking other things that he may not be tolerating well?

: I've been giving my husband the pure MSM crystals in water, increasing by 1 gram every week. He has on-again,off-again sore muscles in the back/shoulder up into the neck and frequent headaches when the muscles get really tight. He is up to 3 g./morning, and 2 g./afternoon. Yesterday into last night, the pain in his shoulder muscle/neck was intense and the headache, which was bearable, got worse at bedtime. He didn't sleep at all. Is this a classic detox? Is the MSM removing the lactic acid, causing the intense pain? Does a detox affect a person generally where they have had weakness? The detox that I had after several days on 1 g. was akin to flu, all-over achy, severe chills. Then two weeks later after an increase in dosage, a nasty pimple outbreak and severe irritability. Years ago I found that I have blood-sugar problems and get really irritable. So I'm careful about sugars. For me, I think the MSM was releasing stored sugars. But what about my husband... Should he stay at the 5 g./day? Go down for a day or two? He understands detox, but is very wary of experiencing another day like yesterday.
: By the way, the MSM is slowly eliminating a spot of melasma above my lip. And 1 g. of MSM keeps my daughter from getting her almost daily summertime allergy headaches. ~ Karen

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