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Posted by Kerry Gibbons on September 01, 2005 at 13:46:48:

In Reply to: MSM -magnesium sterate posted by Delores Lindley on September 01, 2005 at 13:42:50:

From our past dealings with such MSM, you will see some benefit out ofit--just not as much. And if you switch to the pure stuff, be sure to reduce the amount from what you were taking, or you will almost certainly throw yourself into detox.

: I bought this same msm yesterday, and started taken some, what I want to know is will I get anything out of this or should I just throw it away, is there any other way I can use it to get some use from it. Please help.

: : I understand your confusion. Here is what happened to you: Lignisul is a manufacturer of MSM. Those who buy it, are allowed to use Lignisul's brand name and logo on their label, but they are also allowed to add other fillers and excipients. Obviously, the 100% Pure MSM part of the label was false.

: : So it's not Lignisul that you have the problem with, it is Life Time that adulterated the product. It pays to read the back label when buying such products.

: : Our Lignisul MSM capsules are pure MSM with absolutely no fillers or excipients added. To order, see our order page at or call us at 800-453-7516.

: : : Hi I just bought from (natural food market)and started taking MSM for my osteoarthritic knees.I decided to get off ibuprofen and try MSM.I am confused here.I have been reading the post here an saw that the brand Lignisul is good but I dont want MSM that has magnrsium sterate as other ingredients.The label on the bottle I bought reads Life Time,LIGNISULmsm,100% Pure MSM,1000mg.but the other ingredients are:Magnesium Sterate,Gelatin,Water.My question is,is this a good product? Some where I read that if the way to tell if MSM is pure is to desolve a capsule in water an if there are stuff floating on top that its not pure.Is this true? I did this an there are lots of stuff floating in the glass.

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