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Posted by Patrick O'Toole McGean on August 19, 2005 at 20:43:37:

In Reply to: Side effects posted by Janet Rittler on July 14, 2005 at 21:38:51:


The Live Blood Study has had 20 cases of conjunctival hemorrhage that could have been attributed to the blood thinning of organic sulfur,( organic sulfur is pure unprocessed methylsulfonylmethane, no fillers no additives and no extranious pulverizing, just crystals straight out of the precipitator )
These same people have had unexplained conjunctival hemorrhages prior to them starting on organic sulfur, rubbing ones eyes when asleep or upon waking is the most common cause of these types of ocular hemorrhages.

Beth Ley Ph.D suggests in her book "MSM the Forgotten Nutrient" starting with 20 to 30 grams a day for the first three weeks, and the Study agrees especially if the there are health issues which can be exacerbated by the detoxifying effects of sulfur.

Our blood clots when the fibrin in the platelets encounter nitrogen, and the conjuctival vessels are not exposed to nitrogen if the conjunctiva is intact.

The number of subjects in the Live Blood Study who are no longer taking Coumadin ( rat poison ) which is the medical communitie's answer to blood thinning. That blood thinning is what kills the Norwegian rats, they bleed out when they cut or trapped that is what Coumadin was developed from.

The cancellation of 29 cardiovascular proceedures has the Study at odds with a number of surgeons who evidently were depending upon these surgeries to make their boat or Mercedes payments, but when EKGs return to normal surgery is not indicated. These procedures include stints and mitral valve replacements, open heart procedure where the sturnum is cracked, invasive surgery, personally I will take sulfur all day long to avoid the mortality and morbidity of these procedures.

So stop taking those pills, which are contaminated with incipients and those incipients block the uptake of sulfur, not a opinion but the results of having every pill and capsule form of MSM which has been replaced voluntarily with the organic sulfur used in the Live Blood Study.

Genesis 2:7 "And the Lord God made man from the dust of the ground, 4% sulfur, and thanks to the Global Economic Community we are deficient in more than only sulfur but we at the Live Blood Study are concentrating on that organic sulfur because sulfur is that mineral what enables oxygen to enter the cells of our bodies so that our cells can regenerate instead of degenerating in an anaerobic cellular metabolism.

The Live Blood Study has not had a single confirmed case of side effects to sulfur in the 6 years it has been studying the effects of said sulfur, nor is there a single confirmed case of a side effect to sulfur that has been found in the literature on MSM or organic sulfur.

So give pure organic sulfur to the whole family but do so twice a day and at levels equal to 4% or more per day, and the FDA and the Pharmaceutical industry will go away.

Patrick O'Toole McGean
Director of the Live Blood Study

: I am in the process of trying to increase the dose of MSM gradually. On Monday of this week, I increased to 3 tablets daily. Sometime during Tuesday night, one of my eyes hemorrhaged. I was wondering if MSM had any blood thinning qualities.
: I would appreciate any information on this topic.
: Thank you,
: Janet Rittler

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