elderly taking msm

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Posted by Kerry Gibbons on July 17, 2005 at 13:51:45:

In Reply to: elderly taking msm posted by elaina on July 16, 2005 at 20:05:16:

Since there are so many questions, the answers are interspersed below:

: My mother -in-law is 81yrs. old, she has also had four strokes. She is able to get around on her own. Recently her left foot has become dark due to poor circulation. She is on several medications; do you think msm would benefit her?

--I do think MSM benefits everyone, but I can not really say if it will address her particular circulation problem. I don't have any reports of anyone using MSM for that issue.

: I want to start my whole family on msm.
: What is the difference between generic msm power and lignisul msm powder?

--Only the brand name is different. Both are made by the same manufacturer out of the same raw material. However, we will apparently not be getting any more generic MSM in, so after we sell what we have in stock it will be gone.

: Is msm lotion and white glop the same?

--They are not the same. The white glop is a gel while the lotion is more liquid.

: or is the white glop used mostly for pain?

--I am constrained by the FDA/FTC from saying anything about pain and products of this nature. If you search through our message board, you will find that some people have posted their results.

: Do you have anything that would tell you what products are used for what?

--Again, the FDA/FTC does not allow us to state what the products are used for other than as nutitional supplements and helping your body to function normally.

: What would a safe dosage be for someone who is in their eighties?

--We always advise everyone, no matter their age, to start with a very small amount and gradually work their way up. The particulars are on our FAQ page.

: How many mg. is teaspoon? or mg in one capsule?

--A half teaspoon is 2000 mg of MSM (other substances may vary somewhat due to different weights). One of our MSM capsules is 1000 mg.

: Would the lotion or the white glop help with pain and circulation problems?

--Again, I am not allowed to say anything about the efficacy of using these products to address these problems.

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