MSM-SP, and does anyone have any experience with using MSM for spider/insect bites?

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Posted by Kerry Gibbons on June 13, 2005 at 22:52:47:

In Reply to: MSM-SP, and does anyone have any experience with using MSM for spider/insect bites? posted by Olivia on June 13, 2005 at 22:40:30:

I have not heard of MSM-SP and have doubts about the claims made on the web site you reference.

We have many reports of MSM helping with any type of detox, along with normalizing your immune system, so it should be helpful.

I have also seen reports of people using a salve known as PAV for spider bites, so you may want to do a search for that as well. We are considering carrying it ourselves sometime in the future.

: Hi,

: I am living with a particularly nasty spider family, and while I am trying to eliminate the creatures, I am also trying to deal with the symptoms of the bites. I generally get a few bites every couple of weeks, and have become increasingly sensitive to them, to the point that now, I have developed hives, body aches, fatigue, nausea, etc, from the last few bites I received. It's rather disturbing, not to mention disgusting and uncomfortable. Someone suggested that toxins from the spider venom have accumulated in my body, and recommend that I start a regimen of a form of MSM---MSM-SP. Please read about it here:


: Has anyone had any experience with this? I am hoping that my latest volley of attack on the spiders has eliminated them, and the symptoms I was experiencing from the last bites are fading, but I am afraid of what will happen to me if I do get bitten again. While the "Spider Bite Protocol" on this site, and the regimen of MSM-SP it instructs (if I can even find source for it), would seem to pose a solution, I have several concerns about following the instructions on this site. The exposition is rather convoluted, and it recommends that I start taking 15 grams of the stuff, 3 to 9 times a day, and but any other information I have found about MSM in general indicates much lower dosages. Reading about the detox symptoms frightens me, too, because in addition to these unwelcome spider venom injections, I have not led the healthiest of lifestyles, and probably have plenty of other toxins to release. I don't want to get sick, rashy etc.

: Anyway, sorry to be so long-winded, but can anyone give me any advice? Does anyone have an opinion about these instructions; have any experience with using MSM-SP, or information about treating spider bite allergies with MSM?

: Thank you!
: Olivia

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