Is there such a thing as better MSM?????

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Posted by Ron on April 03, 2005 at 18:56:46:

I would like to see a genuine debate on MSM quality and absorbability.

I am new to MSM and have not yet tried it. I suffer from tendonitis, carpal tunnel, impingement syndrome, lower back pain and weakness, and possible CFS. I need to do something about it but can't decide who to trust and here is why:

I am convinced that I would benifit from MSM, but who is telling the REAL truth? It just so happened that in my quest for better health, that "freelife" caught me first. I did not buy their exclusive claim that their MSM "developed" by Dr. Mindell was the industry benchmark and standard and the only MSM that was any good, so I have done some research of my own on this sight and others. The result is very confusing to me. Maybe I, and many others, reading this could benfit from a good debate on the honesty of such claims.

I understand some things contribute to quality such as distillation, but is there more than that to bio-availability?

Is it possible for one source to have "the absolute best" while others are inferior?

Bottom line: Is there one MSM that is truly better than another?

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