live blood sulfur gone

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Posted by Kerry Gibbons on March 23, 2005 at 20:00:38:

In Reply to: live blood sulfur gone posted by Jeff on March 23, 2005 at 19:42:56:

What I am saying is that the Live Blood Study (LBS) Organic Sulfur IS Lignisul granular MSM (not powder). That is what they use and then they put their label on it.

OptiMSM and Lignisul powder are chemically identical to Lignisul granular, but the LBS believes that it is the granular form that makes all the difference in utilization and absorbability.

You may want to try taking more of the OptiMSM. Just so you know, we also have people that claim that after being on OptiMSM that the Lignisul doesn't do as much for them, so it goes both ways. Since they analyze as the same substance, I don't know what the determining factor might be, but I would suggest that you use what works best for you. And in your case that would appear to be the Lignisul granular.

: you said the lignisul msm is the same as the live blood sulfur. what about the optimsm? (what i said i am takling) are you saying, by not saying, that the optimsm is different? if different, how? do ineed to take more?, less? i am 6ft tall. 215lbs, drink about 120 oz water a day and take 3g ester C 2x a day with the msm. or do i need to stop completely and restart? i was at a really good place and now feel i am floundering a bit, a litle help here please: why did you drop live blood sulfur from your inventory? i started on it, used 1lb over 4-5 months. worked up to 2grams, 2xaday and felt wonderful, arthritic achiness gone, kness stopped cracking, etc. now i am taking opti msm, same amount that i built up to 2g, 2x a day, and my joints are now achy again adn feel swollen where they were not with the live blood sulfur. what is the problem with this stuff?

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