First Vioxx, and now Celebrex Has Problems

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Posted by Kerry Gibbons on December 18, 2004 at 08:19:41:

As I am sure many of you are aware, Celebrex now has the same concerns that Vioxx did that resulted in the manufacturer of Vioxx pulling it from the market. The manufacturer of Celebrex is not as quick to respond citing conflicting results. How sad that they would rather risk your health than their profits.

None of this surprises me. When God made us, he did not make us so that our bodies could handle unnatural and therefore toxic chemicals day after day after day. If you think about it, our bodies were made to heal themselves and to release our own pain killers when necessary provided we eat and drink the right things to give our bodies the raw materials that it needs. We are not experiencing pain because we have a lack of Vioxx or Celebrex (or any other cox-2 inhibiter) in our diet. In fact, our bodies have to work very hard to eliminate the toxic part of these unnatural substances. And it's not surprising then, that eventually these subtances end up damaging our bodies after months or years of daily use.

MSM is a naturally occuring substance. Although made in a manufacturing process to get the amount of commercial MSM needed, the end product is exactly the same as the MSM naturally occuring in our environment. Our bodies do need MSM (organic sulfur) as a raw material to function properly. Many people have reported many different positive results (browse through this board) just by giving their bodies what it needs.

So instead of stressing your body with unnatural chemicals, do your body a favor and give it what it needs.

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