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Posted by The Live Blood Study on October 30, 2004 at 18:17:03:

In Reply to: enscapulitus posted by Karrin Marshall on October 30, 2004 at 11:28:56:

Go to Yahoo and search encapsulitis rather than encapulitus and you will find references
to arthritis symptoms. "Arthritis" mean inflammation of the joints. Lyme disease and other
disorders will be mentioned but the concern is connective tissue. The members of the
Live Blood Study with injury as well as systemic conditions have all responded to a 6%
oral supplementation of organic sulfur ( which is not all MSM.)
Cysts form when oxygen can not transport into the cells and too often these cysts com-
promise the movement of the joint being that we were created to close tolerances. If you
chose to try the organic sulfur it well take months to resolve the cysts but you could see a
lessening of the pain within three weeks. One the pain has decreased stretching and mobility
exercises have proven very beneficial.
No one in the study has been given the diagnosis of encapsulitis but only chiropractors choose
to use this diagnosis, otherwise arthritis is like a rose by any other name, an inflammation of the
Organic sulfur has demonstrated the ability to regenerate of the cartilage which prevents bone
on bone types of inflammation. I hope this information will be of value

: I have been diagnosed with this problem in various parts of my body after being wrongly diagnosed with arthritis. Could someone give me some information on this problem I can't seem to find a un jargon like answer I am not even sure what it is? I know that itis means inflamation of but that is all. At this moment in time I am in great pain especially in my shoulder.

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