MSM and Bextra

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Posted by patrick o'toole mcgean on August 31, 2004 at 07:51:00:

In Reply to: MSM and Bextra posted by martha on August 28, 2004 at 23:28:15: is a good place to
start. There are no known interaction noted
between Bextra and organic sulfur, but there
are numerous caution about Bextra alone and
with other meds.
I would suggest this little trial, take them
both until youi experience some relief and then
stop the one which has the ability to seriously
damage your liver and the the endothielum of your
It is always safe to take something we were made
with and very dangerous to take artificial meds
which have side effects that can end pain by ending your life. If it were me and it was I
chose the organic sulfur ( MSM ) and avoided the
surgery to a shoulder with a giant tear.

It is your body, your call not the doctor who
prescribed a med without teling you the side

Patrick O'Toole McGean

: I have been fighting surgery on my shoulder for 6 months. Have been in pain and thru cortizone shots for 3 years. MRI shows slight tear, some arthritus andcalcium deposits. I was hoping MSM might help. I am taking Bextra and am not sure if it's safe to take MSM also..any thoughts???

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