cardiovascular issues and organic sulfur

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Posted by Patrick O'Toole McGean on August 25, 2004 at 23:53:04:

One cell at a time is a slow process but cardiovascular
issues seem to respond the quicker than arthritis symptoms.

Four reports from our study follow:
1. Four failed stress tests for a 50 year old CEO
was followed up with a "normal" stress test after
8 months of organic sulfur.
2. The 37 year old assistent to the CEO has a history of TIA's with speech and gait imparment, now gone with
organic sulfur.
3. A 58 years old from Florida called for more Sulfur
after having his 38 year heart murmur ( calcification
of his mitral value ) went away to X-ray and EKG,
his doctor had scheduled surgery, now cancelled.
4. An old friend living in NY had started taking MSM
after getting a e-mail from me. He went to the Health
Food Store and bought some Brand of MSM. He at first
told me he had not noticed anything in 10 months, then
he paused to recall that his coronary artery surgery
was cancelled because the partial occulsioin of his
cononary had mysteriuosly resolved. Surgery was
cancelled, and he has ordered pure crystal flake organic sulfur.

Two others require mention: Both servous advisors
in the authomobile business thay both had stress tests
pprior to taking sulfur and both were considered in
peril, the repeat stress tests showed no obstrutions
and no more concern.

Organic sulfur does only one thing, it allows the
transport of oxygen into all of our cells especially the cells of our blood vessels.

One cell at a time is a little faster than watching
paint dry but for our cardiovascular system that is
faster than anything the parmaceutical industry has
offered, they are not interested in cellular regener-
ation only treating symptoms.

Look at the rates of heart disease in the US after
1954, the increase occured after the use of artificial fertilizers as it did in India after 1967

Disease is man made and heart disease or cardiovascular
disease is where we see the greatest changes. Consider
Finland which outlawed AF in 1985 and now has one of
the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease in Europe.

Patrick O'Toole McGean

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