What happened?

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Posted by Kerry Gibbons on June 27, 2004 at 23:19:49:

In Reply to: What happened? posted by Maria on June 27, 2004 at 23:11:01:

What I suspect is that our MSM is stronger than your store brand because ours has absolutely no fillers and almost all store brands do. We normally suggest taking half the amount you normally take if you are coming off a store brand onto either our Lignisul or Opti, even if it means breaking a capsule in half.

Anxiety certainly can be a detox symptom, so again, drop the amount in half and slowly work up again to the normal higher amount. I also found that sugar would kick off some of my anxiety attacks so you may even want to go on a candida diet for a few weeks (no sugar of any kind including fruit, no yeast, no vinegar, no mushrooms or other fungi, no starches for the first week, no white flour products for the entire time). I think you will find that this gets to the root cause of the problems you are seeing.

Again, I would encourage you to try to stick with it--just at a lower and slower pace. I think you will see some very positive results over time if you do.

: Hi Kerry - I had been taken a store brand MSM for about 10 days (1000mg) and I think I told you in earlier posts that I had nasty headaches and was cranky - although I slept like a baby at night and woke up in the mornings feeling pretty good, go figure. I take it w/ Ester-C and B vitamins.

: Then, I ordered the Lignisul Capsules from your site as I figured it was a better product - took it this morning (1000mg) with lots of water and completely wigged out! Major anxiety and shaking! I was so scared. I actually had to take an Adovan to calm down. This really depresses me b/c I hear nothing but good about the MSM, but I'm afraid to try again.

: Could there be that much of a difference in the brands that one would cause anxiety? Is there any connection that if you've dealt with panic attacks in your past that MSM could aggravate them?

: The interesting thing here is - I didn't get any headaches from the Lignisul - just the terrible shakes. With the other brand, just the opposite. Atr this point the lesser of the two evils is the headaches - b/c I hate the anxiety. Do B-vitamins help with anxiety?

: Any suggestions? Thanks for the help

: Maria

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