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Posted by DannyB on April 30, 2003 at 10:16:29:

In Reply to: Alcohol and MSM posted by Danny on April 15, 2003 at 10:50:59:

: I first heard of MSM yesterday. I was discussing lower back pain with a landscaper. He said that he has been taking only one teaspoon of MSM daily for quite a while and has no more muscle / joint pain.

: I have read down through this post and am seeing what seem like conflicting issues with the liver, enzymes, etc. I am seeing issues regarding detox. Since this is so new to me I was curious about all of this.

: Here is the deal with me. I drink quite a bit of beer and probably won't quit anytime soon. Tom T. Hall wrote his song about me, (song titled--I Like Beer).

: Is MSM and alcohol a bad mix for the liver???

: I would truly appreciate your response. I am ready to try this for my back and knee pain.

: Thanks,
: Danny

Well I guess what I said about my beer consumption would make one think I drink a lot more beer than what I do. I wanted my original question to leave my options open.

And regarding my liver and kidneys the pain is not in those areas.

I think that too many people think that any or even very little alcohol consumption is soooo bad for you. I have played golf, fished, and hunted all my life. These three activities will put one in contact with many folks that drink alcohol. Even though I am only in my forties I have played golf with many an old geezer that lived well into their eighties drinking a lot and died of something else.

Heck--if I make it till my eighties I will probably play golf, hunt, and fish in lightning storms. While walking a while back a neighbor stopped and said "That will get you ten more good years in a nursing home".

Anyway thanks for the help.


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