My Experience With MSM

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Posted by Kerry Gibbons on August 07, 1999 at 09:38:02:

I have been taking MSM now for almost 2 years. I first started on the advice of my nutritionist for digestive problems. I had been taking prescription drugs to help control the problem, but they were not helping that much. Although I started out on the MSM slowly, my body had a lot of built-up toxins (I don't eat a very good diet), so I went through a pretty bad detox. I had one of the worst headaches I have ever had and my stomach started hurting. I had fever and general aches and pains. I thought I had the flu, but the nutritionist knew I was going through detox. I reduced the amount of MSM I was taking and the symptoms went away within a day or so.

I then started increasing the amount of MSM again at a more gradual pace and things went fairly well from that point on although there were a few aches when I would increase too fast. I went all the way up to 16 teaspoons a day (I did not see much additional benefit after reaching 10 teaspoons per day). I now take a little over a teaspoon per day as a maintenance level.

Here are a list of problems that I had prior to taking MSM that have since been resolved. It is my belief that taking MSM and Ester-C (which I also took the entire time) addressed every one of them. I had anxiety attacks where I thought I might pass out and/or throw up on a regular basis. I had heart palpitations, lots of excess stomach acid, and a fairly severe candida yeast infection that caused a rash on my skin. I was having to wear glasses to drive as well as pretty much all of the time. My energy level was low and I would sleep quite a bit.

Taking MSM and Ester-C solved every one of these problems for me. My eye doctor even commented on how my eyes have improved (they are not perfect, but they never were even as a child). The stomach acid reduction has been terrific! Even Prilosec did not do as well for me, and it's supposed to stop all stomach acid (it caused my skin to itch)! My rashes and candida are entirely gone and some fairly bad scars have almost disappeared. I have not had an anxiety attack for over a year now! And my energy level is normal.

Many of our customers have seen many other benefits. Some have seen great improvements in allergies and asthma. Others that were nearly bedridden are walking again. True, there are some that have seen very little benefit. But some of my problems started to improve right away--others took a year or so to be resolved. After all, it took me 41 years to get this messed up, so it should take a little time to solve some of the problems.

Anyway, MSM has been such a benefit to me that I plan on taking it for the rest of my life. Hopefully, you will receive some of the same benefits if you try it.

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