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October 2011

Dear Kerry,

This newsletter covers product updates, tips and pricing changes for all of our nutritional products. Use this information to help make your nutritional buying decisions.

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  • Some Thoughts About Fall
  • Coconut Oil To Be Available Again Soon
  • October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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  • Coconut Oil To Be Available Again Soon

    Since the weather is finally cooling off a bit, we will shortly have our coconut oil back in stock and available.

    This versatile oil is made from organically grown coconuts and can be used on salads, in sauces, or for cooking. Coconut oil is a saturated fat that contains three medium chain fatty acids - lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. Medium chain fatty acids are oxidized differently in the body, making coconut oil a readily available energy source, especially for muscle.

    October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    As you are probably aware by now, October is breast cancer awareness month. You may already have been approached multiple times about donating to find a cure for cancer, and you may have already done so. But before you donate again, you may want to be aware of some things.

    The main organizations that these fund drives support have some very disturbing ties, which makes it clear that they are more interested in making money off of treating cancer rather than actually trying to find a cure for cancer or a less costly way to treat it. I know that's a rather blunt and general statement, but it's for the most part true. They have strong ties to big pharma and imaging firms that make big money off of the status quo of treating cancer largely like it has been treated for many years now with the same toxic effects on people and the same rather dismal results.

    We have all had people close to us that were affected by cancer--I lost a couple of fairly close friends in the past couple of years. But they both chose the same, tired, toxic treatment and experienced the same, disappointing results which ended in both cases in a very tortuous death, one that personally I will never choose for myself.

    There really are very promising treatments out there, one of them being from Dr. Burzynski that I highlighted in last month's newsletter. But these promising treatments are being squelched by the very industry that supposedly is working for a "cure" and gets no funding from these pink ribbon organizations that you and I have supported in the past. For more info on this, you may want to check out an article by Dr. Dana Myatt at this link. I agree with her 100%.

    Follow Us On Facebook

    You can now follow us on our Facebook page by becoming a fan. We plan to use this in conjunction with our newsletter for real-time updates on prices, new items, and stock status as well as any specials or sales. Check us out today at Facebook!

    Some Thoughts About Fall

    The weather is finally starting to cool off here in the Phoenix area as our thoughts start to turn to the upcoming holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes, even Christmas.

    We plan to again have our free shipping (to the US only) weekend over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend and will provide more details on that in our November newsletter. But we wanted to give you fair warning so that you could plan your future purchases to try to take advantage of this once-a-year offer. Of course there is free shipping to the US all of the time for orders of $150 or more.

    We hope that you enjoy all that fall has to offer, and as always, thank you for your continuing support!

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