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May 2012

Dear Kerry,

This newsletter covers product updates, tips and pricing changes for all of our nutritional products. Use this information to help make your nutritional buying decisions.

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  • Winter's Not The Only Time For Ester-C
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  • Winter's Not The Only Time For Ester-C

    Vitamin C is an important supplement throughout the year and not just at winter time. The advantage that Ester-C has over normal vitamin C is that Ester-C is non-acidic. So if you are already dealing with an acid stomach or heartburn, you need a vitamin C supplement that doesn't add acid to your system.

    We have also received reports from people that reinforce what we tell everyone--that using a 1 to 4 ratio of vitamin C to MSM increases the effect of the MSM. Some people saw almost no relief until they added the Ester-C.

    So if you already take vitamin C, keep it up over the summer. And if you don't already take some form of vitamin C, then you might want to start.

    GMO Foods

    Although we are not based in California, often as California goes, so goes the nation. That's why I took notice when they were able to get an initiative on the ballot for this year to require food labels to list whether they had GMO ingredients, and to prohibit labeling as "natural" those food that do have GMO components. This is very good news for all of us if this initiative passes because that means the rest of us will benefit from that labeling requirement since it would be too costly to do a version for California and another version for the rest of us.

    What is GMO? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms and most often traces back to Monsanto and their manipulation of genes so that crops can withstand their Roundup herbicide used for weed control on farms. Many believe these GMO products have unintended side effects when eaten, and of course the more we eat of them, the more problems they cause.

    Poll after poll shows that most Americans want their food properly labeled with GMO components identified accurately. The food industry has strongly resisted any such labeling saying that people won't buy the products if they know there are GMO ingredients in them. So they will be vigorously fighting against this initiative saying that it will be too costly and raise grocery bills, but this is largely just a scare tactic.

    I hope you will join me in supporting this initiative if you live in California, and in your area if this issue comes to the forefront where you are. It seems to me that "real food" is always preferable to engineered food.

    Update on the Lignisul Shortage

    While we still have just a little bit of the Lignisul granular in stock right now, we will almost surely run out in the next few days. We have been out of the Lignisul powder for a while now. We expect our next shipment to be to us on about May 25. We plan to take pre-orders during the week before that date as soon as we know the shipment is on the way to us.

    So if you are running short on your supply of Lignisul you will want to place your order right away. Thank you for your patience as we try to deal with these manufacturing issues.

    Follow Us On Facebook

    You can now follow us on our Facebook page by becoming a fan. We plan to use this in conjunction with our newsletter for real-time updates on prices, new items, and stock status as well as any specials or sales. Check us out today at Facebook!

    Miscellaneous Stuff

    We have added a few other choices to our bulk ascorbic acid powder products. We now have additional sizes in 3-pound, 10-pound, 25-pound and 220-pound sizes and prices.

    As we mentioned before, summer is the time when shipping coconut oil encounters leakage issues. Although we still have a few jars in stock, we will be halting shipment of this product until fall.

    And speaking of summer, this will be the last issue of our newsletter until fall. Since summer is the time of vacations and other activities, we do not send out our newsletter during those months. Any important issues will be communicated on our Facebook page. So have a great summer!

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