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MSM-MSM Newsletter June Update
June 2007

Dear Kerry,

This newsletter covers product updates, tips and pricing changes for all of our nutritional products. Use this information to help make your nutritional buying decisions.

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  • New Animal MSM
  • Lignisul Granular MSM in Very Short Supply
  • Oh, The Pain...
  • fücoTHIN Price Increase Coming

  • Lignisul Granular MSM in Very Short Supply

    Due to manufacturing problems, Lignisul Granular MSM is in very short supply and we are having to limit our customers to just 2 pounds per order until we are able to obtain more product.

    If you need more at one time, other alternatives are to purchase Lignisul MSM powder, OptiMSM flakes, or our new Generic MSM for Animals. Please note that if the link below stops working, it is because we are out of product. The link will work again once product is again available.

    Oh, The Pain...

    With all due respect to Dr. Zachery Smith of the Lost In Space TV series, this year has been terrible for me and my allergies. I have had sinus headaches that I have never experienced before!

    They got to be so bad that it forced me to do something that I had been avoiding for about a year. I had bought a nasal wash from an online company in hopes that it would help my sinuses. But when I received it and tried a little in a nasal sprayer, the sting was so bad that I didn't want to try the actual nasal wash procedure. But then the pain got so bad this spring that I had to try something else, so I bit the bullet and gave it a try. And you know what? It wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared, and it brought nearly instant relief!

    In fact, it helped me so much that I think I am going to offer it through our web site. Basically it is a strong saline nasal wash using Dead Sea Salt to irrigate the nasal passages. Although it sounds a little gross, what you do is lean over the sink and squeeze it up one nostril until it comes out the other one. Then you do it again the other direction. I have tried to do the same thing with home-made saline but did not get the results I got from the Dead Sea salt saline. So stay tuned for when we have this available for those of you that suffer with this the same way I do.

    Do you have a supplement tip or natural cure that works for you and would have wide appeal? Send me the specifics of what you do and how it works for you, and if I use it in a future newsletter, I will give you a $10.00 store credit to use as you wish.

    fücoTHIN Price Increase Coming

    We just announced the fücoTHIN product in our April newsletter. Apparently, this has been quite a successful product for Garden of Life--so much so that they are having trouble keeping up with demand with their raw materials. So they have decided to raise their price by quite a bit--about $10.00 per bottle.

    We have made one last buy at the lower price, and while we do not have that order in stock yet, we do have some left on the shelf. We will be selling those as well as the new order at the old price until they are gone. Note that we may run out of stock until we get this latest order in, but we will again put them back on our web site once we have them again. So if you click on the link below and it says that no products are found, it just means we are out of stock until the new shipment comes in. Keep checking and it will work again once we have the new stock. And remember that the next order we place will be about $10.00 higher.

    New Animal MSM

    We have started carrying a new generic non-US manufactured 99.9% pure MSM. We are focusing our sales of it toward animals since it is purified using double-crystallization instead of distillation as our Lignisul MSM® and OptiMSM® products are. Distillation is regarded to be a much better process resulting in a higher quality product.

    We are offering this MSM by the pound for $6.00 in pouches only, or in five-pound bags for $20.00. Entire drums are also available for $165.00.

    When giving MSM to animals, follow these guidelines: For horses, use 1 tablespoon (approx. ½ ounce) per 1000 lbs body weight. Amount and frequency may be varied as necessary. For dogs and cats, use 1/4 of a teaspoon (approx .04 ounce) per 30 lbs of body weight per day. Amount and frequency may be varied as necessary.

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