MSM-MSM July Update
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MSM-MSM Newsletter July Update
July 2008

Dear Kerry,

This newsletter covers product updates, tips and pricing changes for all of our nutritional products. Use this information to help make your nutritional buying decisions.

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  • More Price Increases and Updates
  • Special Deal on Cinnamon and Vitamin C
  • Can You Help?
  • OptiMSM Capsules

  • Special Deal on Cinnamon and Vitamin C

    We informed you about a special deal that we got last month on some cinnamon and vitamin c products. Most of these items have sold but there are still just a few left at these lower prices, so click the link above or below to take advantage of these very good deals.

    After they are gone, they will once again be special order items at their regular price.

    Can You Help?

    This month I am actively seeking input from you. Our 8- year-old daughter got the chicken pox in February and ever since then, seems to pick up every little thing that comes along. She seems to come down with something every two or three weeks and then it hangs on for quite a while. My feeling is that her immune system has been compromised by having the chicken pox and that she is still dealing with that in some way.

    I am a firm believer that a really good quality multi- vitamin/mineral supplement really helps you keep from getting sick. And for quite a while we thought we had something that worked for us, but a couple years ago it just suddenly stopped being effective for all three of us. While it was working, it was really great and had the added benefit of being a liquid so that our daughter could take it as well. I can only surmise that the amount or source of their ingredients changed and that's why it no longer worked for us.

    I have since found a multi-pack that seems to work for me, but our daughter still can't take pills, and my wife doesn't like it. So they still seem to get sick more often than I do. If you have dealt with this sort of thing, what seems to work for you? What keeps you from catching every bug that comes along? Please click the link below and let me know what really works for you. We would really appreciate any insights that you might have.

    Do you have a supplement tip or natural cure that works for you and would have wide appeal? Send me the specifics of what you do and how it works for you, and if I use it in a future newsletter, I will give you a $10.00 store credit to use as you wish.

    OptiMSM Capsules

    Right now we are out of our bulk OptiMSM capsules, but we do expect to have them back in stock within the next week or so. Use the links above or below to check the status of whether we have them back in or not.

    The only MSM capsules that we have in stock at the moment are the bottles of Lignisul capsules which can be found here for one bottle or here for four bottles.

    More Price Increases and Updates

    After being out of all of our Lignisul products for about 3 weeks, we finally have the powder and granular products back in stock again. We should have the bulk Lignisul capsules back in stock within the next week or so.

    However, at the same time we were informed of a price increase on Lignisul of about 5% plus a restructuring of their minimum order amounts which may affect purchases of multiple drums by even more than 5%. What we have in stock is still at our old price and we should be able to hold that price until mid- August. We are hoping to not run out of Lignisul again at that time and that we can keep it in stock although at the higher price.

    The price of ascorbic acid and calcium ascorbate continues to climb at astronomical rates with prices nearly doubling over the past month or so. We think we can hold our existing price now throughout the rest of the summer and we hope prices will start to ease at that point.

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