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April 2012

Dear Kerry,

This newsletter covers product updates, tips and pricing changes for all of our nutritional products. Use this information to help make your nutritional buying decisions.

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  • Ascorbic Acid News
  • Coconut Oil Reminder
  • Update On Allergy Relief
  • Lignisul Shortage Again
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  • Coconut Oil Reminder

    Just a reminder that due to leakage issues, we do not ship coconut oil in the summer months. Right now we have a few jars left and are willing to ship them out during April, but after that we will not resume shipping this product until the fall.

    So place your order now for your summer supply.

    Update On Allergy Relief

    After my column on natural allergy relief last month, I received some feedback that has made a major difference in what I do for my allergies and the amount of relief that I get, so I thought I would pass it on to you.

    When I brought my allergies to the attention of my D.O., he prescribed fluticasone propionate (aka Flonase) but warned me that it could cause nose bleeds so suggested that I use it sparingly. Shortly after that, it was recommended to me that NasalCrom, an OTC nasal spray was very effective with almost no side effects to speak of.

    I ended up getting the generic equivalent of the NasalCrom from CVS (the only generic of the NasalCrom that I am aware of) and within a week I observed a world of difference in my allergies even though the counts are still at near-record highs here in Arizona. It does take a while for it to start working so do not expect instant results, but I am as close to being without symptoms as I ever have been.

    So my current regimen for allergies is a teaspoon of local bee pollen nearly every day, one spray of the NasalCrom generic in each nostril at bedtime daily, one Heel Allergy tablet (homeopathic) each night, and one spray of the Flonase generic in each nostril two times a week. When I go outside for a while or the wind is blowing, I use the nasal wash as described last month. I feel better than I have felt in months!

    Lignisul Shortage Again

    It appears that we will once again run out of Lignisul in the next week or so. We are already out of the powder. The manufacturer is still not caught up on their backlog from when they were down in January and February so we are waiting for our next shipment. They have assured us that it will not be a long wait and that we will have our shipment on its way to us shortly.

    So if you are running short on your supply of Lignisul you will want to place your order right away. Thank you for your patience as we try to deal with these manufacturing issues.

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    Ascorbic Acid News

    Summer is the time when many of you work on your swimming pools and need a supply of ascorbic acid powder to either neutralize your chlorine or for some kinds of stain removal. Others of you use it when preserving or freezing fruits and vegetables to prevent browning.

    We were able to take advantage of some very favorable ascorbic acid pricing just before it started heading up in price and we have a large supply available at the lowest prices we have ever had and lower than anything else I have found available. And this is for pharmaceutical grade USP33 L-ascorbic acid powder, the best there is available.

    In addition, we have added pricing options for those of you interested in buying larger quantities. So take a look, and be sure to let us know if you find ascorbic acid pricing for less anywhere else.

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