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by Bev on PC NetwoRx Inc.
MSM for allergies

I started taking MSM around 2005, in winter. Somehow, I didn't realize until about June, that I had made it through all the spring pollen with only minimal allergy symptoms. The only thing different I'd been taking was MSM. Up until then, I'd always dealt with lots of coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, etc., and would have to take decongestants in order to be able to sleep. I haven't had to use decongestants since I've been taking a teaspoon of MSM every morning.

by Shirlean Jones on PC NetwoRx Inc.

I'm reviewing the Rich's unscented MSM lotion and the amazing results that I got by using it on my Chihuahua's ears. You see, about two years before I started using the lotion on her ears, she had gotten them kind of frost bitten from our cold northern Minnesota weather. I was not with her when it happened, but when I returned to her about two years later, I thought if the MSM lotion could do for my hands what it does, why don't I try it on Minnie's ears. After applying the lotion on the hard crusty tips of her ears about three times a day for about three months, her ears are now normal, soft, and nice to pet again.

by Judith on PC NetwoRx Inc.

My husband and I started on your opti msm a few weeks ago and we both notice it is helping our back pain and also seems to give me more energy. I read that it oygenates the tissues of the body. also this company has the best price and we appreciate the savings and being able to buy from a family owned business. thank you.

by David Vogel on PC NetwoRx Inc.
Great service!

Been ordering for several years with great service.I just got 2 day delivery to Pennsylvania with least expensive shipping option. MSM initially helped with foot/joint pain, then I noticed my athletic performance seemed to improve (long distance cycling) I can't really prove that, but I have no other way to explain I keep taking it. Maybe helps overall cell functioning in body I read. Inexpensive supplement that seems to have good benefits.

by Kenneth rhoads on PC NetwoRx Inc.
Honest people fair prices

Started getting arthritis when I turned 50. Heard about MSM in mid 50s and started taking it. I've been pain free since 2003. The prices and quality of the MSM sold by these wonderful people is the best I've found. Thank you!

by kathy on PC NetwoRx Inc.

have been using MSM for years & can't imagine being without. From day one, Becky has helped with any questions I've have (everyone will help)
We are all spoiled with the help we get and the prompt service. THANK YOU

by LPoe on PC NetwoRx Inc.
Great service!

Ordered absorbic acid for the pool. Very good prices, packaged well and very fast shipping.

by David on PC NetwoRx Inc.

you are the best thank you very fast in all.

by ellen quon on PC NetwoRx Inc.
msm order

thank you for prompt service and shipping. very satisfied with the product and your company. will surely be using you again!! etquon

by Lisa K on PC NetwoRx Inc.
Satisfied with Product

I ordered the 3 lb OptiMSM sometime last year. I took it with other things I was taking at the time. I was off of it for awhile. Just started back a few weeks ago. I can honestly say, the results are pretty amazing. I am going through a few things in my body right now. Doctors still determining some things. I was diagnosed with gastritis and was prescribed medication for 10 days. I didn't continue to take the MSM during that time since it wasn't advisable to take with anything that can thin the blood. When I did resume taking it, it worked better for the gastritis than the medication did. Also, my skin is super soft all over. So far, that's what I can attest to. In time, I will attest to other results this great product may bring.

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