Collastin for autoimmune relief?

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Collastin for autoimmune relief?

Postby joeyp » Sat Apr 29, 2006 7:50 am

My fiancee was recently diagnosed with lupus. I have already been taking MSM supplements for back pain and saw that there could be some benefits for getting her started on some natural remedy treatments.

Has anyone heard of Collastin for treating lupus and other autoimmune diseases (arthritis)? I recently came across this web page as well as a few others that promote Collastin as an all-natural remedy. My first stop after seeing this was to come here because I know if it's out there, this web site will probably give me a better price on it. However, I did not see it here and I'm wondering how credible this stuff really is.

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated!!
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Postby pcnetwrx » Sat Apr 29, 2006 8:38 pm

From what I can see, Collastin and Collastin Support is a mix of cetyl myristoleate, glucosamine HCl, turmeric and maybe a few other items. When companies do these "custom mixes", then they are able to hype it as a unique product with unique properties. However, in almost all cases they charge so much that you could easily do your own regimen using the major ingredients that they have at half of the price that they charge. Unfortunately, we do not have bulk cetyl myristoleate (CMO), but we do have 100 Ct CMO plus MSM available for $24.00 as a special order item which is almost half of what they want for Collastin. We also have 100 Ct Turmeric 400 mg as a special order item for $5.25. And we do have bulk glucosamine HCl as a regular stock item for only $17.00 for a full pound which is much more glucosamine than you would get in the Collastin Support product.

I am not really trying to cut down these other products--it may be convenient to have some of these things in combination. But anyone can throw a few popular supplements together and come up with a "new" product and then hype it as being this really new and unique thing. So you have to be wary about the claims made and whether it's really worth the price to have it in that particular combination.

We have had several reports that MSM does help with many auto-immune problems, so that might be a good place to start. You can then add the other items like the CMO if you want to give that a try--we have heard a few good things about that as well.
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