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stinky MSM

Postby Rose » Mon Dec 26, 2005 6:05 pm

I recently cleaned out the vitamin closet of an elderly friend and found a pound of MSM I'd sold her (repackaged from a PC NetwoRx order). Since the purpose was to take anything I'd use, I took the MSM back and used it.

But it was stinky. It smelled like DMSO and gave me the DMSO aftertaste. It also worked so I finished it off.

I'm sure it was at least 2 years old, maybe more. And I know it wasn't stinky when I received it.

Does MSM deterioriate over time? If so, in what way? Less effective?

Can it possibly gain an O so it acts more like DMSO? Hardly seems chemically possible but I'm not a chemist.

In the same vein, I've purchased and used some mixed C-Glocosamine and MSM from the feed store. My rationale being that most companies don't want to deal with killing off expensive horses so chances are, their 99.9% purity is very similar to the more expensive stuff sold for humans. With some store brands, I get the DMSO smell as well. No dates so I can't tell if it's been on the shelf forever or not.

One brand - NutriVet--was NOT stinky but I can't find it any more. Plus, it was crystals. I've noticed the powder, especially that with enough moisture to make hard blobs, seems to get stinky.

Again, since the stinky smell is a DMSO smell, it hasn't worried me. Should it?

I'd appreciate any info and insight.

Thanks. Rose
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Postby pcnetwrx » Mon Dec 26, 2005 9:11 pm

I don't think there is anything to be concerned about--our manufacturers state that MSM lasts four years or more. Of course that's when stored normally in a cool (but not cold) dry place.

In any case, I have not heard about MSM reverting to DMSO (which would mean losing an oxygen atom). Nevertheless, we have had variances between lots in the amount of odor. The Opti brand seems to have less variance and less overall odor. We have switched to that brand for our own personal use, and have been using that for the past year.

We do have quite a bit of problems with MSM powder clumping badly and have recommended that people use the granular form or the Opti flakes instead. It's much easier to handle.
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