MSM therapeutic dosing level for food allergies?

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MSM therapeutic dosing level for food allergies?

Postby charlie_hartford » Wed Feb 15, 2006 2:26 pm


Hi all!

I have done a very high quality food allergy blood test (specifically, the Immuno 1 IgG Food Sensitivity Assay), which indicates that I have food allergies (technically, delayed food sensitivities) to many different standard foods.

I have NO physical pain nor any GI distress whatsoever, but I do have chronic depression & anxiety, the beginning signs of which I can now recognize going back to my earliest childhood recollections.

I see from several info sources that MSM has an established track record for treating food allergies, thus my interest in MSM. I am starting a serious MSM dosing program for my food allergies, using the Opti-MSM capsules. (I have already placed my order for the bulk Opti-MSM capsules from PC NetwoRX.)

I already realize that the causes of my depression & anxiety are multi-factorial, so I am also doing serious cleasing treatments such as liver flushes (6 done so far), intestinal tract cleansing via OxyPowder, etc., and I am also currently taking a product called "Samento" to kill off parasitic bacteria and candida (I get major "herx" detox reactions to the Samento.)

==> Here is my MSM question: for my food allergies, what MSM "rule of thumb" dosing target should I work myself up to, ie, should I work up to taking 8 grams of MSM per day and then stay at that MSM dosing level for at least 21 days before expecting any results? Is 8 grams of MSM still too low a daily dose for treating food allergies?

What I am trying to determine here is for food allergies specifically, what is the typical MSM dosing level to get to and to then sustain, and for how long. I realize that everyone's program is different, but I would still like to know what the MSM general rule of thumb dosing levels are for treating food allergies.


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Postby pcnetwrx » Thu Feb 16, 2006 6:24 am

Especially in situations like yours, where you are likely dealing with candida yeast, we recommend working your way up to super-dosing with MSM, on the order of 32 to 40 grams a day (granular or powder is much more convenient for this rather than taking 32 to 40 MSM capsules a day, as well as much less expensive).

I was able to defeat candida by using this "super-dosing" of MSM along with the candida diet (no sugars even from fruit, no fungas (mushrooms), no vinegar, no yeast, in fact no carbs at all for the first week and then only complex carbs after that, so basically only meat and vegetables).

After being on the high amount of MSM for a couple of months, then drop down to a maintenance level of between 4 and 8 grams a day.

BTW, regarding depression and anxiety, my wife says I am a different person and much better to be around than before I started taking MSM.
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