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Please Read First!

Postby pcnetwrx » Sun Nov 06, 2005 3:49 pm

Welcome to the Off Topic Forum!

While this is supposed be more of an anything goes forum, the fact is that it is not anything goes. Please observe the following when posting to this forum:

No advertising of any kind
No profanity at all
No flames (ridiculing or belittling another person)
No inflammatory unsubtantiated claims (i.e. MSM cures anything without at least something to back it up, even if it's personal experience)
Before posting questions, please check our FAQ page at
Do feel free to share almost anything here as long as you don't violate the above guidelines

Note that failure to adhere to the above guidelines will most likely result in your removal from the board.

We did have an older message board that has quite a bit of good information. It is now archived and available for only reading at
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