Exciting Customer Report

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Exciting Customer Report

Postby pcnetwrx » Fri Jan 17, 2014 5:24 pm

A customer emailed this report to us, and after asking permission, I had to share it here:

From: Debbie S

Message Body:
Just had to tell you! My husband was diagnosed with stage4 colon cancer last
May. In August the surgeon told us he may have only three to six months to
live. I started investigating MSM and we immediately went on it together. His
high blood sugar (he's diabetic) immediately started to go down and he stopped
complaining about his knee pain he had for years. We began a ketogenic diet
along with msm with vitamin C as a trojan horse. We did the chemo but even
before we started it his CEA numbers began dropping very fast. Bottom line his
CEA cancer levels have gone from 267 down to 6.1 with 4 to 0 being no cancer
being found. His latest CT Scan showed nothing abnormal anywhere. We live on
my husband's social security so your wonderful site made it possible for us to
afford to stay on the msm and keep increasing the dose. I recommend you to
everyone. Just because it's not poison and costs thousands of dollars doesn't
mean it isn't effective. Thank you so much for aiding us in fighting this awful

When I inquired more specifics about the ketogenic diet that they used, this is what was shared with me:
Regarding the Ketogenic diet - Dr. D'Augustino with the University of South Florida in Tampa is doing studies using the Ketogenic diet. He was interviewed by Dr. Mercola regarding this and the interview is on Dr. Mercola's site. Unfortunately, he lacks the funding to study humans. His studies with rats have been amazing though. Many have contacted him desperately seeking advice. He stated awhile back that the people who contacted him, many given three months to live due to cancer, who have gone and stayed on the ketogenic diet after two years were still alive. Please contact him personally to verify this and perhaps any updates he may have. His number is 813-396-9628. His information on this diet is what encouraged us to do it.

I was aware of most of the information about ketogenic diets, but up until now had not had any personal first-hand reports from anyone. This is very encouraging and will hopefully help others dealing with this tragic disease.
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