1/6/07 - Four Things YOU Can Do to Fight Codex

How Codex and other supplement regulation laws may impact the availability of supplements

1/6/07 - Four Things YOU Can Do to Fight Codex

Postby pcnetwrx » Sat Jan 06, 2007 1:25 pm

I just saw one of the most frightening, yet informative videos on Codex that deals directly with the US and the impact Codex will have on us. So please take the following steps:

1) Watch the 40 minute video at http://tinyurl.com/y6aqho

2) Sign the citizens petition at http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/index.php?page_id=184

3) Please write to your congressmen and senators to oppose the 7 bills now before them that will gut or eliminate DSHEA which currently protects our right to buy and use supplements. This is easily done at http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/index.php?page_id=186

4) Pass this information along to all you know and make them aware of the problem and how much Codex will impact them personally.
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